Sunday, November 01, 2009

How To Get Eye Glasses

I have new experience about my last holiday with my friends community. In last holiday, we go to in one place and stay in a home with much room and are like hotel but we rent that home.

When I meet my old friend, they called Mr. Confidence and they said I am different since they last meet me. And they ask about my new holiday fun eyeglasses because its look good in my face. They ask is there any new arrivals that maybe match with them because they was interesting to buy one for themselves.

Beside that, they ask how much the price, and I said its $8 Presciption Zenni Glasses and this eyeglasses is from Zenni Optical which was famous before. Its not about how famous that eyeglasses but its about how much we can buy this good eyeglasses with cheap price and with good quality.