Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Oxford Analytica Conference in Global Horizon

In a conference must have a speaker which will speak on the forum about the information or topic on that conference, this is like what John Studzinski CBE do. He will be one of the speaker that will speak on The Oxford Analytica Conference in Global Horizon 17-19 September 2014 Christ Church, Oxford. The Oxford Analytica is a global analysis and advisory firm which draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategy and performance.

Mr. John Studzinski CBE is a Senior Managing Director and global head of Blackstone Advisory Partners John Studzinski. He founded the Genesis Foundation in 2000. The Foundation is his personal foundation which supports and nurtures young and emerging artists. The Foundation celebrated ten years of success in 2010.

Mr Studzinski is based in both New York and London. Mr Studzinski 's primary role is to oversee Blackstone 's global advisory business. He is a member of the firm 's Executive Committee.

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